Please note that when you submit your application, the following documents are required:

  • Your current job description
  • A current organizational chart of your I.T. department that shows your position and those who report to you
  • A current organizational chart showing where you fit into the organization as a whole and to whom you report

Membership Dues*

Membership in CHIME is in an individual’s name and is non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • $375 CHIME only membership
  • $575 CHIME-HIMSS membership

Critical Access Hospital Pricing
To qualify, for this pricing level, applicants must be employed at a Critical Access Hospital or at a facility with less than $34.5 million in annual revenue

  • $99 CHIME only membership
  • $268 Joint CHIME-HIMSS membership

*CHIME applicants have the option to include joint HIMSS membership on their CHIME dues invoice when they join. If you wish to select the joint CHIME-HIMSS membership, option $179.10 of this amount covers your HIMSS dues. HIMSS will be notified of this action and will activate your HIMSS membership upon notification. If you have already paid your HIMSS membership dues this year and select the joint membership option, HIMSS will contact you to arrange for an appropriate refund. If you select the joint membership option, all future dues invoices for both memberships will be sent by CHIME as long as you are eligible for membership, unless you notify CHIME otherwise.

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