From the Frontlines with Imprivata: Dr. Sean Kelly and Dr. Zafar Chaudry talk Cybersecurity is Patient Safety

Imprivata Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sean Kelly sits down with Seattle Children’s Chief Information Officer Dr. Zafar Chaudry to discuss why patient safety depends on cybersecurity….

HICP405(d): HIPAA Suggested Cybersecurity Best Practices

HIPAA is a regulatory framework that has been around since 1996. HIPAA is written as a general framework to implement a minimum level of compliance for healthcare organizations….

Does Being Compliant Make you Secure?

In this podcast, Mike Pietig, General Manager of CompliancePro Solutions and Chris Lyons, Director of Cybersecurity with CompliancePro Solutions will discuss the implications of being compliant vs being secure..

Effectively Communicating the Value of IoMT Security and Risk Reduction with the C-Suite

In this episode, David Finn of AEHIS leads an expert security discussion with panelists: Shankar Somasundaram, Founder & CEO at Asimily; Steve Grimes…

Taking Enterprise Healthcare Cybersecurity Beyond the EHR

Managing healthcare cyber risk is a tall task that goes far beyond a hospital or health system’s EHR. Jackie Mattingly, CISO for Owensboro Health, and Anthony Martinez, VP of Consulting Services for Clearwater, break it all…

Making Data-Driven Decisions on Cyber Risk: Risk Quantification

It seems there is no shortage of dashboards, warning signs, and “risks” that we receive in healthcare. But how do we know we are making the greatest impact on our cyber resiliency? Through this discussion between Saket Modi, the CEO and Co-Founder of Safe Security…

Medical Device Security:  Different Risks, Common Goals

In this podcast episode, David Finn and Shankar Somasundaram, CEO and Founder of Asimily, discuss how to reduce IoMT vulnerability risk and plan an incident response program that includes these devices. Shankar’s journey to “healing the devices that heal” started…