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    New Year, New Budget! One budgetary line item that can cause concern is the cost of security insurance. As premiums rise and the insurance industry changes, join Will Long, Chie Security Officer with First Health Advisory to talk more about the topic of Cybersecurity Insurance.  This AEHIS Online Focus Group will cover insurance requirements, trends, and how best to position yourself for a renewal. 


    Will Long, Chief Security Officer, First Health Advisory

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    Traditionally, healthcare organizations have performed high-level, point-in-time risk assessments; however, this approach can be outdated and insufficient for hospitals and health systems that have rapidly changing digital environments, and where vulnerabilities and risks are changing constantly. Additionally, the traditional approach puts stress and strain on already overburdened and limited cybersecurity and IT resources.

    During this session, Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle and Chief Risk Officer Jon Moore will review how ClearConfidence, Clearwater’s managed services program designed specifically for hospitals and health systems, addresses these challenges through a combination of people, processes, and technology, that are engaged in an ongoing basis. As a result, the risk analysis provides more meaningful, actionable, and current cybersecurity risk data, and risk mitigation plans are actively managed. Security leaders are confident that they know—and are appropriately responding to—key risks and they can get more accomplished with less of a burden on their internal resources.


    Steve Cagle MBA, HCISPP


    Jon Moore MS, JD, HCISPP

    SVP, Services & Customer Success & Chief Risk Officer