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    A comprehensive overview of the Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Security (AEHIS) for new members and existing members alike. Membership Director Zach Donisch will cover AEHIS' mission and direction, the "who's who" of the AEHIS team, and the major membership benefits and ways to access them.

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    Medical Device security continues to be an area of confusion and extreme concern for healthcare organizations. It is estimated that the average vulnerability rate per medical device is 6.2 and that as many as 60% of medical devices in a single hospital are running end of life operating systems.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Gain insight into the key findings related to medical device security and the associated strategic recommendations.

    2. Develop a tactical and strategic foundation for medical device security

    ​3. Understand the 5 Key Critical Safeguards for Medical Device Security.

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    C-level executives must consider cyber risk as a core tenant of their responsibilities, as well as their mission to drive sustainable healthcare services. In this talk, we’ll explore attack trends and share best practices and preventative measures to help you reduce risk and avoid investigations. ​   Learning Objectives: The importance of incorporating cybersecurity into your business strategy Office of Civil Rights (OCR) enforcements and key components of an OCR Correct Action Plan (CAP) A real-life example of one healthcare organization’s CAP Trends, best practices and proactive measures to help you mitigate risk and avoid regulatory investigations