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    Understanding the components of an effective medical device cybersecurity policy is essential to developing the foundation of an effective medical cybersecurity program. This will dissect a medical device cybersecurity policy, as well as provide key recommendations related to governance and medical device cybersecurity practices.

    Learning Objectives:

    Dissect medical device cybersecurity
    Recommendations of governance of medical device cybersecurity
    Critical best practices for securing medical devices

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    Confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges in harsh environments, the mission to secure highly-sensitive patient data can seem like a reality survival exercise.   The information security workforce in healthcare is responsible for supporting the well-being of the organization and the individual patients that rely on its life-critical services and information. To survive in a hostile environment; much like wilderness survival; people must have access to the right training and tools.

    This Webinar will examine the most common survival strategies for healthcare leaders to overcome challenges in recruiting, retaining and allocating resources for mission-critical information security programs. Common Survival Challenges include:

    • Recruiting the right skills
    • Retaining the cybersecurity workforce
    • Attracting and retaining diverse worker groups
    • Staffing issues during mergers & acquisitions
    • Meeting demand and deadlines during staffing shortfalls

    A well-designed cybersecurity staffing strategy can help organizations to not only survive, but also thrive in harsh conditions.

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    How are healthcare provider organizations addressing cybersecurity challenges. As SailPoint continues investing in and expanding on their healthcare practice, there is a need to better understand the evolving requirements and drivers of healthcare security and IT professionals.

    The following SailPoint objects are designed to help us:
    1) Understand level of concern around NIST guideline 800-63-1 (Identity proofing and multi-factor authentication requirements for e-prescription drugs)
    2) Learn how HITRUST certification gets factored into IT/security buying decision
    3) Discover the provider perspective on where identity fits into their overall cybersecurity program