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    Most healthcare organizations use an array of Identity and Access Management tools today. Yet, integrating those solutions into a wholistic digital identity framework to help manage the full lifecycles of all identities is not as common as one may think. It’s not that easy. There are different approaches, including the recently published H-ISAC Framework for CISOs to Manage Identities. In this focus group, we’d like to share ideas on Digital Identity Frameworks and collect your thoughts on identity-centric approaches to bolstering cybersecurity.
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    Now more than ever it is important to ensure your systems are secure. In this session, we discuss approaches to examine your systems and how to effectively remediate any gaps identified. A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can help you tackle the challenges of not having staff monitoring and protecting the security of your environment on a 24x7 basis from cybersecurity threats. Challenges such as executing security fundamentals, training and retaining talent, as well as purchasing and managing the right technologies are key to an effective program. Learning objectives:
    • Approaches on safeguarding your system against cybersecurity threats
    • Review the advantages of a managed security service provider
    • Ensure your health care organization has built an effective cybersecurity program
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    In this 60-minute Focus Group, CI Security will facilitate the discussion of a broad range of topics including: - Exploring evolving security program in the “new-normal” – resolving policy exceptions made during COVID emergency - Cybersecurity, Work-From-Home, and COVID-19 issues/concerns; what’s most pressing? - “Agentless” vs “Agent-Based” security solutions; which is preferred and why? - Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Security; how do you secure? Have you considered acquiring IoMT security/discovery products? Which ones? - Procurement strategies used to acquire services; specific challenges; explore use of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) - (if time allows) An update on HHS’ pending “Cybersecurity Donation Rule” and how CIO/CMIO are approaching and planning to support requests
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    In response to the challenges that CISOs are facing in today’s complex security environment Intraprise Health sees the industry moving to greater and greater levels of automation to manage their security programs. In this session, Intraprise Health is looking for feedback regarding its new security risk management platform that they believe includes unique capabilities compared to other similar products in the marketplace.
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    From both a regulatory and a security perspective, it is not enough to have a completed risk analysis. To protect your organization from accelerating cyberattacks and ensure compliance with HIPAA requirements, you must take action to manage the risks identified in the appropriate manner. Unfortunately, whether it be due to lack of resources or tools or knowledge in some cases, too many organizations are not actively managing identified risks. This webinar is designed to help you understand risk response fundamentals so that your organization can establish a process and workflow to reduce vulnerabilities and achieve better outcomes in managing cyber and compliance risks. Learning Objectives:
    • The regulatory requirements and most effective standards for responding to risk
    • The four essential options for effective risk response
    • How to evaluate alternatives to reduce risk in terms of effectiveness and feasibility
    • How to make sure risk responses get implemented through tracking new or improved controls