AEHIS Database 
Searchable membership directory to find other members in your field.

AEHIS Committees
Committee membership is a critical way for members to have a voice in AEHIS. Members are encouraged to join and engage with AEHIS committees.

Health-ISAC Communications
AEHIS provider members will receive specific materials from the Health-ISAC when they are issued from AEHIS.  The items will include but are not limited to: Health-ISAC Newsletter, Vulnerability Bulletins, and other actionable and relevant information including intelligence on threats, incidents and vulnerabilities that can include data such as indicators of compromise, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors, advice and best practices, mitigation strategies and other valuable material.

Online Surveys
Members have access to both member–to–member surveys and foundation-to-member surveys. Do you have a survey topic? Conduct a survey of the membership. Do you want to provide input on healthcare IT? Share your opinion. Take a few minutes to participate in one of the surveys requested by your AEHIS Foundation firms.

Cooperative Member Services Program
To help healthcare organizations reduce costs, save time, and free up valuable resources, the Cooperative Member Services Program, provided by CHIME Technologies, allows members to benefit from a variety of preferential industry services, packages, and price offerings available exclusively from Foundation Partners.

Events & Education

NH-ISAC Briefing
Your membership in AEHIS means free access to the daily email briefing from NH-ISAC, a national cybersecurity information sharing organization. The NH-ISAC Briefing contains aggregated news and current events coverage from across all cybersecurity domains.

Healthtech Leader 3.0
Join fellow members for an exclusive two-day conference featuring topics and speakers in the cybersecurity and healthcare IT field along with networking opportunities. This combined AEHADA, AEHIS and AEHIT fall in-person event is a great opportunity to get involved in the industry.

Online Focus Groups
These sessions provide a comfortable atmosphere (not a vendor sales pitch) where your thoughts, opinions and advice on healthcare IT topics can be shared with other c-suite executives. It is your influential guidance that our Foundation firms are seeking so that they can best produce products and services which are responsive to the needs of the industry. Participating in a focus group will qualify you for a $100 honorarium paid to you by the AEHIS Foundation.

Public Policy

Your Voice in Washington
Access to weekly updates from our team on Capitol Hill provided every Monday in the Washington Debrief. Through our team, members can voice their opinion in ways that can improve the regulatory and legislative landscape for health information security.

Effective Representation
In March of 2015, CHIME and AEHIS members raised cybersecurity challenges in healthcare on Capitol Hill. In 2016, several CHIME and AEHIS members were asked to serve on the HHS Cyber Taskforce. In May of 2017, that HHS Cyber Taskforce recently published a 60+ page report detailing the current healthcare IT security landscape and recommendations for improvements to existing policy and architecture, bringing much needed attention to growing cybersecurity vulnerabilities nationwide.