As the premier association for healthcare security leaders with over 800 members, AEHIS is in a unique position to educate, advocate for and influence the executives responsible for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of healthcare information along with the safety of the patients who we serve.  Presented by AEHIS each year, The Health Information Security Innovator of the Year honors those who pioneer effective approaches and are willing educate his/her peers on the results of those initiatives.

Health Information Security Innovator of the Year: This award recognizes security leaders who have demonstrated immense value to his/her healthcare delivery organization through innovative application security, utilization of technology or service in support of his/her organization’s strategic business objectives. 


The recipient must be an AEHIS member with a minimum of 1 year of membership (cannot be a current AEHIS Board Member or award judge).

Previous award recipients who have won CHIME/AEHIS awards are exempt from consideration. Senior leadership from either AEHIS may not nominate a candidate for the award. Any person meeting the eligibility and required criteria may be nominated. Candidates may also nominate themselves for the award. Only completed applications submitted by the published deadline will be considered. Please refrain from submitting a nomination for someone who fits this criteria. 

Submission Requirements

  • A completed application using the online nomination form
  • A brief biographical sketch that demonstrates why the nominee should be considered for the award (1,000 words or less)
  • Resume/curriculum vitae – provide both employment history and notable achievements for each position held
  • One letter of recommendation from an AEHIS Member


To be considered for the award, nominees must demonstrate the following:

  • Active employment as a security leader at the time of submission of the nomination
  • Current membership in good standing of both AEHIS
  • The organization for whom the leader is employed by is not under regulatory or other review which may prohibit the leader from accepting the award, if nominated. (Example: The organization is involved in a HIPAA privacy breach investigation by the Office of the Civil Rights that may directly involve practices, policies, or guidelines under the auspices of the leader.)
  • Significant participation in either leadership or organizational activities of AEHIS (i.e. Board of Directors, Board Appointed Committee, etc.)
  • Innovative leadership through effective use of technology in support of the strategic initiatives of his/her organization

Additional Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Representation of the highest standards of leadership in health IT
  • Respect and recognition as a role model to peers and the industry
  • Advancement of the professional standards embraced by AEHIS
  • At least one industry designation (CISSP, HCISSP, CISM, etc)

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If you have any questions about AEHIS’ Awards series, please contact AEHIS Staff at [email protected]