Healthtech Leader 3.0: Breaking Down Silos: Collaboration Makes Sense

David Finn, VP, AEHIS, AEHIT, AEHADA, meets with AEHIS Board member, Dan Dodson, CEO, Fortified Health Security, and AEHIT Board member, Rachel Weissberg, Director Strategy Healthcare, North America, Neteera, to discuss the purpose of breaking down barriers between digital health disciplines.

David shares the reason why Healthtech Leader 3.0 is all about breaking down silos in healthcare and gets Rachel’s and Dan’s take on the importance of collaboration and why it “just makes so much sense.” The group discusses how the A-teams are pioneering a framework for how healthcare groups can come together to innovate and create solutions that improve healthcare for everyone in a practical way.

“Involving more people can sometimes be a little slower, but it’s better to get it right the first time.” – David Finn

Tune in to also learn why cybersecurity is vital to technology’s success, Rachel’s views on AI, plus why it’s important to involve clinicians in technology decisions. Don’t miss Dan’s ideas on the role of third-party technology providers in your organization’s business decisions.