Online Focus Group: The Evolving Needs for Digital Identity

Date: 12/18/2019
Event Type: AEHIS Online Focus Group , Archived
Session Speaker(s):

Barbara Dumery, SVP Product Management, Imprivata

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Event Information

Healthcare IT ecosystems continue to increase in complexity, creating security, compliance, and workflow challenges. The proliferation of cloud applications, and increasingly fluid workforce, and adoption of different endpoint devices have eroded the once well-defined network perimeter. In this decentralized environment, digital identity is the new perimeter, but managing the different identities within a healthcare delivery system can be challenging. Given these dynamics, how is Identity and access management (IAM) evolving? What is changing in healthcare? What are your plans for IAM? 3 Learning Objectives Discuss the unique requirements of IAM in healthcare delivery organizations Share plans for IAM and learn where peers are seeing quick returns on investment Learn about practical approaches to implementing a healthcare IAM solution that revolves around digital identity