AEHIS Education Pays The Best Interest

By AEHIS Staff

Benjamin Franklin famously noted that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” In AEHIS, we believe that well-developed webinars presented by experienced healthcare cybersecurity professionals are, in part, the currency for knowledge investment. That is why our AEHIS aim has been to steadily increase our educational offerings to our members. And that is why we’re gearing up to make our future education efforts even more meaningful to you, our members.

Carter Groome, CEO of First Healthcare Advisory and chair of the AEHIS Professional Development and Education Committee, is driving this committee to make strides over the next six to-12 months in three areas: structured education, in-person events delivered by a newly formed AEHIS faculty, and expansion of AEHIS’ education reach to an international audience.

On structured education, Groome said, “We plan to go beyond simply plugging in general education webinars over the course of the year. Through the creation of ‘coursework,’ our aim is to dive deeper by providing more situational experiences and problem-solving challenges for our predominately executive-level membership.” AEHIS plans to have these courses to build toward credit for an AEHIS Certification Initiative, which is still under development by our Certification Exploration Committee.

AEHIS, in concert with CHIME Education, is readying itself to launch in-person education workshops and academies. “As we move toward more structured education, we’ll expand beyond simply educating our members by rolling out more hands-on opportunities to learn,” according to Groome. Tim Stettheimer, CHIME’s vice president of education, recognizes the talent of cybersecurity experts in AEHIS. He said, “A seasoned cadre of faculty—trained to work collaboratively not only with seminar attendees, but also with each other—is a requirement for success in this area. Our education team will help to bring the successes we’ve had in CHIME to AEHIS.”

The third area that AEHIS envisions growth is in the international arena. “We believe that AEHIS’ reach can extend beyond a U.S.-only audience, as we’re certainly capable of tapping into CHIME’s network of international members in providing quality cybersecurity education and training to international audiences,” Groome said. Stettheimer also sees greater opportunities for international CHIME events to include cybersecurity topics and events, or cybersecurity can be the featured event in international venues.

What does this mean for you as an AEHIS member? There are significant opportunities to take part in either coursework writing and development, or to become part of the faculty. Let us know if you have an interest in helping AEHIS to demonstrate that it is composed of the best and brightest cybersecurity leaders in the healthcare industry. Let your investment in knowledge pay the best interest.

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