KLAS and Censinet Partner to Reduce Cybersecurity Risk for Healthcare CISOs, CIOs and IT Vendor Community

Partnership Provides Healthcare Decision Makers with A Catalyst to Improve Cyber
Readiness, Reduce Risk and Make More Informed Security Investments

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH AND BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – December 1, 2020 – KLAS, a healthcare research and insights firm, and Censinet, the leading intelligent risk network for healthcare, today announced a partnership to help healthcare IT vendors and services firms improve their overall risk and security profile and provide greater transparency to thousands of healthcare providers. As part of the partnership, KLAS, which has conducted deep research and analysis on more than 900 healthcare IT products and services, will introduce a new Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment.

The partnership will also include collaborative research, insight sharing, special report access, and cybersecurity best practices, arming healthcare decision makers with vital information to improve their cybersecurity posture and ultimately, foster a more secure and productive healthcare ecosystem.

“More than ever, providers and payers rely on vendors to deliver highly secure and resilient products and services,” says Adam Gale, President of KLAS. “Our partnership with Censinet will enable KLAS-rated vendors to communicate a level of security transparency and confidence to providers and payers with better decision making.”

While the massive undertaking to implement electronic health records over the past decade has spurred an era of digital health innovation, it has also greatly expanded the attack surface for cyber criminals to target healthcare organizations. And now, the COVID19 pandemic has both increased reliance on digital health and given attackers even more incentive to target providers, payers and others in the healthcare industry.

The new Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment developed through the KLAS and Censinet partnership aims to help healthcare leaders uncover risks in IT vendor and services solutions. Instead of the months-long and resource-intensive process typically required to assess security concerns of new healthcare technology, these new ratings immediately give providers the confidence they need to make decisions quickly. Technology that has not yet been assessed can be vetted in as little as 10 days.

“Censinet and KLAS share a common vision that arming providers and their vendors with the right tools, insight, best practices and education is the best way to reduce risks to patient data, care and safety,” said Ed Gaudet, CEO and founder of Censinet. “We’re excited about working with KLAS and continuing to advance our mutual mission of creating a secure and efficient healthcare ecosystem.”

KLAS and Censinet are hosting a series of healthcare vendor webinars describing the process and benefits of participation over the coming weeks. All vendors and service firms that KLAS currently measures will have the opportunity to report on their cybersecurity preparedness. After engaging in a webinar, links to assessments will be provided to participating vendors. Participation does not require a membership to KLAS and is offered to vendors at no cost.

To participate, sign up to listen in on one of the below webinars:

  • Dec. 2 at 3:00 p.m. EST: https://events.klasresearch.com/CensinetWebinar2
  •  Dec. 7 at 1:00 p.m. EST: https://events.klasresearch.com/CensinetWebinar3
  •  Dec. 16 at 4:00 p.m. EST: https://events.klasresearch.com/CensinetWebinar4
  • Jan. 8 at 11:00 a.m. EST: https://events.klasresearch.com/CensinetWebinar5

Additional information on the partnership can also be found here: www.censinet.com/klas


About KLAS
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About Censinet
Censinet provides the first and only third-party risk management platform built by and for
healthcare organizations to manage the threats to patient care that exist within an
expanding ecosystem of vendors. With its unique Censinet One-click Assessment™
capabilities and Digital Vendor Catalog™, the Censinet Platform reduces the time to assess
vendor risk from weeks to seconds, while automating inefficient workflows and providing
continuous real-time insights into the changing risk profile of each vendor. Censinet is based
in Boston, MA and can be found at https://censinet.com/

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