Securing PHI: Quantifying Ransomware and Breach Likelihood

Date: 07/13/2021
Start Time: 02:00pm
End Time: 03:00pm
Event Type: AEHIS LIVE
Session Speaker(s):

Will Conaway Vice President Provider Delivery The HCI Group Saket Modi Co-Founder and CEO Safe Security

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Event Information

Last year, healthcare data breaches were up by 55.1% since 2019!  For example, the Ryuk ransomware attack on Universal Health Services is a classic example of why the approach to cybersecurity needs a refresher. While hacking into a CT machine may be difficult, sabotaging the system connecting all of them is doable. Similarly, Electronic Health Records (EHR) can be breached through attacks on the central server. The strategies to objectify, identify and mitigate breaches to protect PHI beyond the boundaries of the organization become a critical consideration. Join our webinar to hear the latest in knowing your posture in real time, quantifying your risks, getting ahead of potential breaches - the latest in digital risk preparedness, quantifiable measurement and mitigation of cyber risk. Learning Objectives:
  • Ransomware and Security PHI
  • Quantifying Risk Exposure
  • Learn the latest in digital risk preparedness