Online Focus Group: Data De-Identification

Date: 12/12/2019
Event Type: AEHIS Online Focus Group , Archived
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This is a blind online focus group hosted by an active AEHIS Foundation firm.

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Event Information

There are many reasons why data de-identification (i.e., the removal of personally identifiable information from data such that the individuals that the data describes can no longer be identified, but that the data retains its utility for research and/or commercial product development purposes) might be valuable. Data de-identification can improve data privacy and access control, and it can facilitate data availability for research and analytics. It can also be an important step in the workflow of sharing data sets with other teams and research partners. We are interested in understanding how CISOs think about data de-identification. We would like to understand what CISOs want and need when it comes to data de-identification, how they evaluate data de-identification offerings, and any gaps or needs in existing de-identification offerings. We would also like to discover what use cases data de-identification would enable and the relative importance of each. 3 Learning Objectives: 1. Understand how CISOs evaluate data de-identification solutions 2. Learn about CISO needs and use cases regarding de-identification 3. Discover gaps in existing de-identification offerings that CISOs are hoping tools may help them address Please note we are looking for participants with direct experience in data de-identification.