Implementing a Robust Workforce Education Strategy to Reduce Risk and Improve Cybersecurity Posture

Date: 05/17/2017
Event Type: AEHIS LIVE , Archived
Session Speaker(s):

Carter Groome, CEO, First Health Advisory Solutions
Toby Gouker, VP of Strategy, First Health Advisory Solutions

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Privacy and security for healthcare systems involves a coordination of product, process, and personnel. Many organizations are successfully tackling the acquisition of hardware and software products while evolving policies and procedures. Yet, beyond basic HIPAA compliance, awareness and education of personnel across the enterprise remains inadequate. Every member of the workforce has accountability when it comes to reducing cybersecurity risks, however few organizations are measuring employee behavior and using that information to reduce risk at a low cost. Building a repeatable approach to measurement and determining simple representations of those results to be consumed by the board, leadership and in some cases, the workforce at large, can act as a catalyst for improvement and personal level accountability for protection of PHI and ePHI.