Cyber Resilience Starts with Email Security 3.0

Date: 02/12/2020
Event Type: AEHIS Online Focus Group , Archived
Session Speaker(s):

Edwin Moreno, Strategic Sales Engineer at Mimecast and Mounil Patel, Field CTO at Mimecast

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Event Information

The email threat landscape has changed and requires security professionals to evolve from a perimeter-based discipline to a more pervasive discipline, and to think in three distinct zones. Zone 1: At the email perimeter; Zone 2: Inside the network and the organization Zone 3: Beyond the perimeter. Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 strategy is here to help IT and security professionals achieve a new and more comprehensive form of protection. Most organizations feel comfortable that they have Zone 1 protected but still lack visibility of what is happening within the network as well as beyond the perimeter. In this presentation, Mimecast will focus on Email Security for Zone 2 and 3. Mimecast will speak to the value of Awareness training and threat intelligence help determine how vulnerable each employee is so that organizations can optimize policies and education programs to reduce exposure within Zone 2. Mimecast will also focus on how to protect organizations brand that they don’t own. Even an unsophisticated attacker can simply register a similar brand domain or host a website or login page and draw customers, partners or the public to it. Protecting organizations from fraudulent activity is a critical part of Zone 3.