Crossing the cybersecurity innovation chasm: a time of disruption for security risk management

Date: 10/14/2020
Start Time: 2:00pm EST
End Time: 3:00pm EST
Event Type: AEHIS Online Focus Group
Session Speaker(s):

Vikas khosla Chief Digital Health Officer Intraprise Health

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Event Information

In response to the challenges that CISOs are facing in today’s complex security environment Intraprise Health believes the industry is readying for disruptive innovations by leveraging workflow automation, analytics and “risk interoperability”. In this session, Intraprise Health is looking for feedback regarding its new security risk management platform, BluePrint Protect, and its adoption of NIST’s next generation risk management and cybersecurity standards. With the dramatic increase in cyber security investments over the past decade and development of enhanced standards at the federal level, they believe healthcare organizations are on the verge of crossing an innovation chasm by embracing wholistic and integrated risk management (IRM) within their enterprise delivering highly informed decision-making capabilities and normalized, interoperable risk intelligence sharing amongst peers.